The Science Behind A Successful Sale…

The Breakdown of a Successful Sale

The Science of Selling

While it may seem like magic to some, the fact is that sales don’t just happen. There are many key components that go into them, and by paying attention to the most common features, you can learn a lot about how to make your sales more frequent. I always share with entrepreneurs the 3 pillars to master for ultimate success in business. Those pillars are: effective marketing, team management, and persuasive selling. Let’s dive into the science of selling…

1. Do a Lot of Listening

One of the first mistakes many business owners make is to do the majority of the talking when in contact with prospective clients. You need to listen more than you talk, as this makes the prospect feel important and also allows you to become better acquainted with them and their needs. This allows you to better sell your product or service according to those needs.

2. Discuss the Benefits

Make sure that you drive home the benefits of your product or service as soon as possible and that you speak in benefit-driven language. Being able to compare your business to others is good, but remember to never ‘rag’ on someone else’s business or product since this makes you seem petty.

3. Reveal the Price

You should only get to the price of what you are offering after you have congruently shared with them the value and they have clearly seen the benefits of the product or service which can solve their pain/need. This way, they are sold by the time the cost is brought up and you will know if you have properly seeded the right information because the ‘close’ will be seamless. Also, make sure to use a comparison frame to build up the value (ex. One year at USC is $46,000 and they won’t even teach you what I will for only $5,000).

4. Follow-Up

Before the prospect leaves, be sure and get permission to follow up with them as well as a method of contacting them. Do this whether or not they purchase anything from you, since you should be contacting them again either way.

Just be sure that you do follow-up, and do it when you say you will. This will build a good rapport with the client.

5. Get Them to Buy Something

If they still aren’t ready to buy the product or service they originally contacted you about, see if you can get them to make a smaller purchase that will build their trust in you as well as keep you in their mind until they are ready to buy.

A good example of this is a book or report that you wrote on something relating to your main service. By providing them with valuable information, you will solidify yourself in their mind as an expert.

6. Developing Partnerships

Referrals are a great way to have a successful sale, since people who are referred to you are usually ready to make a purchase. When someone doesn’t buy your services, remain in touch with them and ask them to send referrals your way. You may still get a lot of business out of that person.

By learning what a successful sale looks like and feels like, you will be better able to reproduce great results time after time with your own prospects.

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  1. Mark Rome says:

    Awesome Information. Listening to what the client wants before spouting one’s sales pitch is the key takeaway from this. It is all about the customers’ needs and how we can best meet those needs.

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