How You Can Design, Create & Implement The Ultimate Lifestyle Business In 6 Weeks Or Less!

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Business Lessons in Rome…

Buongiorno! Kate Cutler here (Mel’s newly wedded wife)!

I am so excited because Mel finally let me post on his blog ;) .

Mel and I are currently in Italy for the month on our honeymoon and I have to tell you that there have been some amazing business lessons…
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INTERVIEW: Why Most Entrepreneurs Give Up and Fail

Hi there…I was just interviewed by the awesome real estate guru Mike Wolf. I share some VERY valuable tips on how to do what you LOVE, make more MONEY, and live an amazing LIFE…check it out…”Mel Cutler believes that you should “Become More Value” and “Bring Your Value to the Marketplace” He shares four HOT tips (actually a lot more!) to growing your business and how NOT to fail. We promise this one is worth watching right to the very end!”

The 9 Sexiest Entrepreneurial Skills to Possess

The 9 Sexiest Entrepreneurial Skills to Possess


“When you can do a common thing in an uncommon way, you can command the attention of the world.” – George Washington Carver

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is an art form. It starts with cultivating the most powerful mindset, and then embodying the 3 most powerful skills to succeed: persuasive selling, effective marketing, and team management.  Outlined below are 9 skills that are needed to become a success entrepreneur…and they are sexy. [Read more...]

Shocking Yet Brilliant interview on the Mara Show

Check out this awesome interview done by Mara Hoover ( with me. I was a guest on the show and Mara was able to elicit some business building secrets I have NEVER shared before. I also shared the 7 Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make To Stay Broke! Don’t Miss it!

Learn Effective Sales and Proven Marketing from one of the founders of the Home Garden Network: Steve Newman

**THIS JUST IN** You are about to listen to an amazing value-packed interview with Steve Newman who is best known as one of the founding partners in the Home Garden Network. We cover how to achieve millions in sales revenue, how to use proven marketing to boost your business, and how to hire and attract an all-start team to work for you! Make sure you are ready to take some notes!! Enjoy!!

Build Trust. Create Authenticity. Develop Loyal Customers.

Success Academy Founder Mel Cutler Wins 1st Runner up at Business Leadership Awards Night!

Mel Cutler wins Entrepreneur Leadership Award in Orange County

Mel Cutler wins Entrepreneur Leadership Award in Orange County


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4 Tips To Consistently Get Clients in Your Business

Here are my Top 4 Tips to consistently get clients in 2013:
Reading time: 5 min. 

Finding clients consistently is the key to running a successful business of any kind. The number of clients you need, how much they pay, and your operating costs will vary depending on the kind of business that you have, but every business must have customers to stay operational. Thankfully there are things you can do to make it more likely that you will have a steady stream of clients by having a conscious entrepreneur mind frame.

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The Science Behind A Successful Sale…

The Breakdown of a Successful Sale

The Science of Selling

While it may seem like magic to some, the fact is that sales don’t just happen. There are many key components that go into them, and by paying attention to the most common features, you can learn a lot about how to make your sales more frequent. I always share with entrepreneurs the 3 pillars to master for ultimate success in business. Those pillars are: effective marketing, team management, and persuasive selling. Let’s dive into the science of selling…

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