Business Lessons in Rome…

Buongiorno! Kate Cutler here (Mel’s newly wedded wife)!

I am so excited because Mel finally let me post on his blog ;) .

Mel and I are currently in Italy for the month on our honeymoon and I have to tell you that there have been some amazing business lessons…
You know the famous saying, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do,”? Well, the Romans like to eat good food and drink good wine, and we were determined to do the same right beside them.

Our first evening in the Eternal City, we found ourselves standing in front of a line of bustling outdoor cafés in a beautiful piazza in Rome, deciding which restaurant had the best menu. A server at the first restaurant pointed to a table on the sidewalk with a perfect view of the people, the action, and the street performers around us. He told us, “The food is the best in Rome. You must eat here or you will miss out.”

We didn’t want to miss out, so we sat down immediately and had a delicious dinner.

It’s not the food that I want to tell you about though, it’s what we were able to watch happening during dinner that is what I really want to share with you…

The manager of the cafe and our server (who didn’t stop moving the entire evening) were standing in front of the café, cheerfully greeting everyone who walked past, suggesting pizza, coffee, soft drinks, or pasta to all of them. Their big smiles and outgoing personalities, paired with their uncanny ability to greet nearly everyone in their own language (Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French) made them a hit, and they kept their café filled to the brim.

Watching these two in action, Mel and I discussed their inhabition to serve anyone and everyone who came past, regardless of what the person was in the mood for. They would build rapport with their smiles and the person’s own language, then help them see that they could provide whatever food or beverage sounded the best, and finally sit them down to an amazing experience at their café.

We watched these two “salesmen” excel for around two hours, and there wasn’t an empty table the entire time.

Yes, the food was pretty darn good and the view was beautiful. But their ability to build rapport, understand a passerby’s need, and connect it with one of their offerings was out of this world.

I think I’m going to see if they are available for our next event. ;)

Be bold.
Share your value.
Connect it with a need.
Make it irresistible.
And always do it with a smile.

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