The 9 Sexiest Entrepreneurial Skills to Possess

The 9 Sexiest Entrepreneurial Skills to Possess


“When you can do a common thing in an uncommon way, you can command the attention of the world.” – George Washington Carver

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is an art form. It starts with cultivating the most powerful mindset, and then embodying the 3 most powerful skills to succeed: persuasive selling, effective marketing, and team management.  Outlined below are 9 skills that are needed to become a success entrepreneur…and they are sexy.

1. Seeing the ‘Big Picture’ 

This is an important step in reaching your goal as an entrepreneur.  You must be able to have the proper research done on your business, be able to pitch your business as well as have the knowledge of where you want your business to be in the next five years.  Seeing the ‘big picture’ is foreseeing your goals and finding ways to make those goals become a reality and understanding the pieces that fit together to make the big picture.

2. Hunger to Achieve

Just wanting to be an entrepreneur isn’t enough to start your business or leverage your current business.  There must be a hunger to achieve and reach every goal you set out for yourself and your business.  Without this hunger to be a successful business owner you will fail every time. The successful small business owner has to change their lifestyle and their way of thinking strategically.  You have to be ‘hungry’ in understanding the systems that need to be put in place so you can live the lifestyle you dream.

3. Courage to Take Action

Courage is the ability to overcome fear of the unknown.  Starting your own business takes courage because you do not know what the future is going to bring to your business.  Everyone has courage, it’s how a person puts their courage into action that makes one a successful entrepreneur.  You will need to possess different skills such as coming up with marketing strategies and becoming a persuasive sales person and you will need the courage to carry those strategies out. I teach other entrepreneurs those crucial skills in an event I put on called the Entrepreneur Revolution. If you are interested in applying for a discounted ticket go to  If you have any questions about the event please call the Success Academy office at – 877.244.9130

4. Prioritize and Tradeoff 

Entrepreneurial success is full of putting your priorities in order and learning how to trade off your priorities for another.  Some days will command your salesmanship while others will command your marketing strategies.  Being an entrepreneur means you have to change your priorities on a daily basis as you never know what may come up.

5. A Motivator of People 

There are two types of people in the world: positive and negative.  A negative person will never succeed as an entrepreneur while the positive person will always succeed in starting their own business.  Communication skills and people skills are a must when starting your successful business.  It doesn’t matter if you are selling a product or need to deal with your employees.  The ability to communicate effectively is an art of which you will need to perfect.  If you have motivated employees and customers you will have a successful business.

6. Decision Making 

As an entrepreneur you must be able to quickly make decisions.  Whether it is to change marketing strategies, deal with the public or certain customers or find a way to stretch your income to enable your business to grow.  Every day  will bring you new and challenging issues and you must be able to take on anything that is going to be thrown your way from a unhappy customer to how to better your business through collaborating with your competition.

7. Take Massive Action

The universe rewards one thing and one thing ONLY…thats MASSIVE ACTION. There will be some days that you might not feel like taking action and those are the days when you must.  Every problem can be solved with the right immediate action as long as you think in terms of ecology. A win/win/win situation. You win, the other person wins, and the world as a whole wins. There are times when you can’t make everyone happy as there are always those situations but having a win/win/win attitude can guide you in the right direction. Remember this equation: T (time) x A (action) = R (results).

8. Leverage Your Time and Do not Do it ALL Yourself

Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting off, it’s a good idea to remember that you can in no way do everything yourself.  You must be able to delegate the workload to others.  As your business grows you must be able to keep your focus on your marketing, increasing sales and growing your business to reach your five year goals.  Hire a part time assistant or virtual secretary who can do your bookkeeping for you, write your letters and organize your filing. Leverage your #1 resource….your time!

9. Results Focused

Keeping yourself focused at all times on your goals is necessary to have a successful small business.  If you loose sight of your goals you will loose sight of your business growth and the potential that is there.  Stay focused at all times, stay positive even on negative days, be a people person and take over your competition.  Do not worry over the little things as they will work themselves out.

There you have it…the 9 most sexiest entrepreneurial skills to have.

Enjoy and Apply,


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